Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We live close to the sea and some of us enjoy sailing. We decided to design our own bright coloured boats for these collaborative artworks.
Items 9A, 9B and 9C have a Starting Price of $10.00 each.
NB they can be purchased as a set.

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  1. What are the sailing boats made out of? They look almost like tiles. Beautiful! What year did those? Good luck on your auction!

  2. OK The boats were created by Year 2/3 as were the lighthouses. The boats, lighthouses, bathers huts, and bird houses, the aboriginal art works are all created on small off cuts of matboard- the card used for mounting and framing art works. I was given a lot of offcuts by a framer. I just cut up lots triangles and boat shapes for the boats. I used colour burst pens made by Faber Castel. Even though I live in Australia I had to order the packs of 12 from the US as they dont stock them here. You could spray them with a gloss but I didnt. Simple and very effective for collaborative and individual art works. I did quite a bit of tidy up like drawing the black edges. I was lucky also that all the matboard frames were donated - saved lots of time.